stoves  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does shipping cost?
A. See our Shipping Costs page.

Q. How do the stoves work?
A. See our How they work page and watch a short video of an LE stove in action here.

Q. Do these stoves blacken the bottom of cooking pots?
A. No, if used correctly these stoves do not blacken pots.

Q. Are these stoves smokey compared to liquid or gas fuel stoves? A. There may be a little smoke when the stove is getting up to temerature and also if burning fuel with a high moisture content. However, once up to Temp and if correct fuel is used they produce no smoke at all. Infact, once fully alight, there is no campfire smell at all.

Q. Does the outside of the stove get hot?
A. Under normal use the outside of the stove remains relatively cool, however if the stove is run on high for extended periods the outside of the stove may get hot.

Q. Can I use these stoves indoors?
A. You should treat these stoves like any open fir. Use in well ventilated areas only.

Q. How do I stop the stove when I'm done cooking?
A. You can either allow the stove to burn out, or tip the hot coals into a hole, extinguish with water and fill hole. Do not pour water directly into hot stove as this can damage the electrical components and/or crack the fire chamber.

Q. Can you use these stoves if the battery runs out?
A. You will know when your batterys are getting low as the fan will run slow. You should be able to cook 4 or 5 meals on a set of low batterys, which would give you fair warning to replace them. The stove will burn without batteries however the heat and efficiency is lost.

Q. How long have the stoves been around for?
A. Spenton have been manufacturing these stoves since 2007.

Q. Where are they made?
A. They are designed in the US and manufactured in India

Q. What are they made of?
A. Fully stainless steel body and fire chamber, aluminium internal baffles and heat shield.

Q. How long have you been selling them for?
A. Since 2010.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. 12 months.

Q. Where are you based?
A. Our warehouse is in Central Victoria.

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